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Ladan Doroud

Address: San Francisco, CA

I am a data scientist at since January 2020. My main focus in the past couple years has been on R&D as well as development of polygenic risk scores as a preventive measure for individuals from diverse populations. Prior to color, I was a staff scientist at where I worked in the DNA Science team on projects involving big data and computational biology. Before I got introduced to population genetics, I was a PhD student in Computer Science at University of California, Davis where I worked with Prof. Jonathan Eisen at UC Davis Genome Center and focused on microbial interactions as a graph problem. Recently, I am more interested in human genetics and phenotype associations, algorithm development, big data and microbiome!


Programming Languages: Python, Bash, AWK, SQL

Machine Learning: Scikit-learn, Tensorflow (keras)

Analytics: ETL, SQL, Django, dbt, Google BigQuery, Metabase

Big Data: Hadoop and Map Reduce, Spark

Computing: Amazon AWS, HPC, Slurm, Git, Jupyter


Data Scientist - (2020 - Present)

Genomics Data Scientist (Staff Scientist) - (2017 - 2020)

Co-Founder at Animal Microbiome Analytics - Funded by Indiebio (2016)

Insight Data Science (Fellowship - Summer 2016) Inc. (Internship - Summer 2015)

Udacity, Inc. (Internship - Summer 2014)

Jonathan Eisen’s Lab – Graduate Student Researcher 2010-Present

Designing and implementing novel approaches toward community detection and function prediction for large-scale networks of protein sequences

COSMOS program Summer 2011

Teaching assistant for California State Summer School for Mathematics and Science at UC Davis, Responsible for teaching computer programming in robotics


University of California, Davis (2010—2017)

     Major: PhD: Computer Science

University of California, Davis (2010—2013)

     Major: Masters: Computer Science

Shahid Beheshti University (2006—2010)

     Major: Bachelors: Computer Science


[White Paper]: Genome-wide Polygenic Score Download PDF

[Paper]: Holly H. Ganz (joint first author), Ladan Doroud (joint first author), Alana J. Firl, Sarah M. Hird, Jonathan A. Eisen, Walter M. Boyce. "Community-level differences in the microbiome of healthy wild mallards and those infected by influenza A viruses". (2017) Download PDF

[Paper]: Katherine Dahlhausen, Ladan Doroud, Alana Firl, Adam Polkinghorne, Jonathan Eisen "Characterization and Temporal Shifts of Koala (Phascolarctos cinereus) Gut Microbial Communities Associated with Antibiotic Treatment". (2017) Download PDF

[Paper]: Ashley Vater , Vivian Agbonavbare , Dylan Carlin , Griselda Carruthers , Adam Chac , Ladan Doroud , Samuel Farris , Melanya Gudzeva , Guillaume Jospin , John Kitner , Jonathon Knauss , Yi Lor , Randi Pechacek , Eden Rohner , Sierra Simmons , Mayya Verescshagina , Christian Wirawan , Leonel Zagal "Draft Genome Sequences of Shewanella sp. UCD-FRSP16_17 and 9 Vibrio Strains Isolated from Abalone Feces" (2016) Download PDF

[Paper]: Dongying Wu, Ladan Doroud, and Jonathan A. Eisen. "TreeOTU: Operational Taxonomic Unit Classification Based on Phylogenetic Trees." arXiv preprint arXiv:1308.6333 (2013). PDF in

[Technical Book Review]: Review of the book "Mastering Gephi Network Visualisation", Packt Publishing (2014) Link to the book

[Poster]: Ladan Doroud, Jonathan A.Eisen. "Use of Extreme Sets as a Tool in Making Predictions of Protein Function from Sequence" CRA-Women Graduate Cohort Workshop (2014)

Awards and Certificates

Patent: Community assignments in identity by descent networks and genetic variant origination

Google Code Jam: Won Google Code Jam to I/O 2016 contest (for Women)

Fellowship: Insight Data Science Fellows Program - 2016

Fellowship: Graduate Research Fellowship - 2015

Certificate: Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning, UC Davis Awarded certificate in Learner-Centered Teaching: Designing Courses, Activities, and Assessments to Enhance Student Learning - 2013

Resume: Click here to check out my resume in pdf